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Category: Work Injury

What Are the Most Common Claims for Worker Compensation in North Carolina?

Thu Jan 12th, by Work Injury |

Getting injured on the job is a situation that every hardworking employee tries to avoid. However, unfortunately, it happens often. Understanding what your rights are as a worker, how to file claims, and what workers’ compensation insurance your employer has can help you be ready should you need to exercise […]

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What Are the Most Common Workers’ Comp Injuries in North Carolina?

Wed Nov 23rd, by Work Injury |

Everyone working in the state faces a risk of injury every day in their workplace, even if they believe they work in a relatively safe environment. While some industries and workplaces are inherently more dangerous than others, all workers must know what to do when they suffer injuries at work. […]

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How Does Workers’ Compensation Work in North Carolina?

Wed Sep 14th, by Work Injury |

Workers’ compensation is a safety net designed to help those who suffer injuries at work. Each state upholds unique laws pertaining to workers’ compensation and employers’ requirements regarding this type of insurance coverage. The state upholds some of the country’s most detailed workers’ compensation laws. Workers should know their rights […]

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Most Common Foot Injuries

Tue Nov 2nd, by Work Injury |

When most people imagine serious injuries, they don’t always consider foot injuries as the worst injuries they might experience. However, they can be incredibly debilitating when foot injuries happen, preventing the victim from moving comfortably, working, or even resting due to consistent pain and difficult treatment. We often take our […]

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