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Do Employers Have a Duty to the Risk of Injury to Workers in North Carolina?

Sat Apr 6th, by Work Injury |

Do employers have a duty to the risk of injury to workers in North Carolina? There’s no simple yes or no answer, but this remains a topic of interest to workers, employers, and state officials alike. In fact, defining an employer’s duties and obligations in regard to their employees’ safety […]

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Who Is Eligible for Workers Compensation in North Carolina?

Fri Apr 5th, by Workers Compensation |

Workers’ compensation is a fairly straightforward concept. Employers are legally required to pay into special insurance plans so that employees who get hurt on the job can receive a consistent income and other benefits. In reality, however, it’s not always so simple, and a Greensboro workers’ compensation attorney can be […]

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What Is the Employer’s Responsibility When a Worker Is Injured in North Carolina?

Thu Apr 4th, by Work Injury |

In North Carolina, the Workers’ Compensation Insurance program and the state Industrial Commission that oversees it provide crucial benefits to injured workers. However, the system only works when everyone involved acts in accordance with the law, and each party has unique responsibilities in that regard. So, just what is the […]

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Can I Sue My Employer for Negligence in North Carolina?

Mon Mar 18th, by Workers Compensation |

An injury can be especially frustrating and confusing if it happens while at work or because of work. If you have been in this perplexing position, you may be wondering if you can sue your employer for negligence in North Carolina. The short answer is no, but there could be […]

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