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How Long Does a Mesothelioma Claim Take?

Tue May 9th, by Workers Compensation |

Mesothelioma is an aggressive form of lung cancer most commonly associated with asbestos exposure. For years, asbestos was used in manufacturing and construction primarily due to its superior fireproofing ability. Buildings across the United States were insulated with asbestos as a fire prevention measure. Unfortunately, it was later discovered that […]

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Can You Get Compensation for Asbestos-Related Cancer?

Mon May 8th, by Workers Compensation |

Asbestos was used prolifically for years as a fire retardant and insulator, only for the public to discover that the substance is carcinogenic. Asbestos is a fibrous material, and the minuscule fibers that asbestos insulation can shed can be inhaled into the lungs. There, these fibers embed into lung tissue, […]

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What Does Workers’ Compensation Not Cover in North Carolina?

Fri Jan 27th, by Workers Compensation |

In North Carolina, it is extremely important for employers to provide a safe working environment and to adhere to OSHA regulations and guidelines to reduce the risk of injuries, but accidents can still happen. When they do happen, North Carolina law provides for a system of compensation for employees who […]

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What Are the Most Common Claims for Worker Compensation in North Carolina?

Thu Jan 12th, by Work Injury |

Getting injured on the job is a situation that every hardworking employee tries to avoid. However, unfortunately, it happens often. Understanding what your rights are as a worker, how to file claims, and what workers’ compensation insurance your employer has can help you be ready should you need to exercise […]

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