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Does My Employer Have to Hold My Job While on Workers Comp in North Carolina?

Tue Nov 21st, by Workers Compensation |

If you’ve been injured at work, there’s a possibility that your expenses will be covered by workers’ compensation. However, you could be hesitant to take advantage of the benefits you’re owed. In particular, you might be worried about how using these benefits and taking time off to heal will affect […]

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How Common Is Mesothelioma After Asbestos Exposure?

Sun Nov 19th, by Work Injury |

Mesothelioma is one of the most serious and deadly forms of cancer that someone can be diagnosed with. Life expectancy is often just a year or two after diagnosis. In most cases, the condition will form in the lining of victims’ lungs, although it is regularly found in the lining […]

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Who Pays Workers’ Compensation in North Carolina?

Wed Aug 16th, by Workers Compensation |

Workers’ compensation is a way for injured employees to seek restitution for any injuries they suffer at work. Employers or their insurance companies are the ones paying workers’ compensation to anyone injured. The law leaves room for some exceptions and cases where an employer may not be liable to pay […]

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What Qualifies You for Social Security Disability in North Carolina?

Sat Jul 15th, by Workers Compensation |

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is the federal agency responsible for the management of the Social Security Disability system. This program exists to provide economic relief to individuals who become disabled and cannot work and earn income. If you believe you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, it is vital […]

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