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What Should I Do if I Injured My Back at Work?

Sat May 4th, by Work Injury |

Many employees may be asking, “What should I do if I injured my back at work?” This is an important question, and it often requires the help of an experienced attorney to answer. No one should have to continue working through a back injury, and if your employer ignores or disregards your injury concerns, you should immediately ask for the help of a qualified and experienced attorney.

Suffering a Back Injury at Work

If you experience any Winston-Salem work-related back injuries, you should immediately let your employer or supervisor know. If you injure your back at work, you may be able to receive workers’ compensation, which can help cover necessary medical expenses and lost wages. By immediately informing your supervisor of your injury, you can start the workers’ compensation process earlier.

Once you let your employer know about the injury, a report should be created. This report will document your injury. It is also important that you receive appropriate medical treatment. A doctor’s documentation of your injuries can serve as evidence for your claim.

Any bills that you incur from undergoing treatment should be covered by workers’ compensation. However, non-economic damages like pain and suffering are only covered in workers’ compensation claims, which are not relevant to most workplace injuries.

Preventing Back Injuries in the Workplace

There are some techniques that can be used at work to help reduce the chances of back injuries and their severity while on the job.

  • Proper technique. If your workplace tasks require you to do heavy lifting, you should take the time to ensure that you use proper lifting techniques.
  • Prevention of repetitive motions. It can also be a good idea to find ways to avoid repetitive motions that place unnecessary stress on the same areas of your back. One way to avoid this is to use equipment. It can also be helpful if the employer rotates workers from task to task to prevent them from repeating the same motions over and over.
  • Focus on posture. Although it can be easy and comfortable at times to slouch while sitting or standing, focusing on and practicing proper posture could go a long way toward maintaining proper back health. This could prove to be a vital aspect of reducing the risks of back injuries.
  • Hydration and nutrition. Finally, maintaining proper hydration and nutrition could also play a factor in maintaining back health.


What Should I Do If I Injure My Back at Work?

If you injure your back at work, it is important that you report the injury to your manager and human resources contact. If the injury is bad enough, you should get the proper medical treatment as well. Many back injuries require rest to heal, and in some cases, surgery may be required. If your back injury goes unreported, you may not get the appropriate medical attention, and you may not receive the workers’ compensation that you deserve.

What Are the Employer’s Responsibilities for Back Pain?

Employer responsibility for back pain in North Carolina revolves around allowing employees to have appropriate time off if they injure their backs. It can be helpful for employers to have employees rotate between tasks so they are not stressing the same muscles again and again. It is in the employer’s interest to ensure that employees are working in a safe, supportive environment. If you experience a back injury, you should report it to a supervisor immediately.

How Do You Know If Your Back Injury Is Serious?

You know your back injury is serious based on the symptoms you experience. For example, if you experience numbness, sharp pain, trouble breathing, or paralysis, you should get immediate medical attention. Back pain is a fairly common occurrence among individuals, but it is important to remain aware of any symptoms that you experience. Back pain can get worse over time, so it is always better to get your injury checked out sooner rather than later.

How Long Does It Take for a Strained Back to Heal?

The time it takes a strained back to heal varies from case to case, generally taking anywhere from a week to a month to fully heal. Most back strains will heal without any help, but there are serious cases that require medical treatment, which could range from pain prescriptions to physical therapy to surgical repairs. For back strains to heal, you must allow your body time to rest appropriately. In many cases, rest is the most appropriate cure.

Can I Get Workers’ Compensation for a Strained Back?

You could be eligible to receive workers’ compensation for a strained back in North Carolina. Typically, only injuries that arise from a workplace accident are covered under workers’ compensation.

However, as stated by the North Carolina Industrial Commission, there are exceptions for back injuries. Regardless of whether there was a workplace accident, if you injure your back while performing any work-related task, you can receive workers’ compensation. If you ever injure your back, you should speak with a workers’ compensation attorney for help.

How to Find an Attorney Who Is Ready to Help You

If you injure your back while at work as an employee, you may be left with several concerning questions. You may also be pressured into not speaking up about your injury and continuing to work through it. This is not what you should do. If you experience an injury while on the job, you should immediately report it and get medical attention. If you ever find yourself in this circumstance, you may need legal help.

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