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Mooresville Work-Related Back Injury Lawyer

A back injury can happen without warning. Everything from blunt trauma to reaching for something or twisting the wrong way can cause a problem. What’s more, back injuries also range greatly in seriousness. Sometimes, it’s a slight muscle pull that goes away in a day or two, and other times, it may be a debilitating injury that can have lifelong consequences. Regardless of the severity, Mooresville work-related back injuries can have an impact on victims’ expenses.

Back injuries can be extremely costly. There are often a number of medical bills for things like doctors’ visits, medication, and physical therapy and rehabilitation. In some cases, it’s even serious enough to require surgery. In many cases, the injured party has to miss work or is at least limited in their ability to work. Luckily, the costs are covered under workers’ compensation policies that most North Carolina employers are required to carry.

However, obtaining workers’ compensation can often be complex and challenging. Working with a Mooresville workers’ compensation lawyer can be an effective way to see that you get everything you’re owed.

As a board-certified specialist in workers’ compensation law, M. Reid Acree, Jr., Attorney at Law, has an impressive history of helping with workers’ compensation cases of all kinds. He has exclusively represented injured workers for nearly 20 years, and his extensive experience can benefit you. Whether you have a fractured vertebrae or a herniated disc, M. Reid Acree, Jr., Attorney at Law, may be able to help with your back injury case.

What Are Some Common Workplace Accident Back Injuries?

Back injuries at work can happen in a number of different ways in Mooresville, NC. In some cases, an injury comes from sudden movements or reacting to something from an awkward position. Moving in ways unfamiliar to your body can expose you to great risk of injury.

There are also times, particularly in physically active jobs, when some kind of blunt trauma or high impact can cause an injury. In other cases, long periods in a particular position without movement can put strain on the back and lead to injuries. Some of the most common injuries that come from these issues include:

  • Fractures – In almost all cases, a fracture is likely the result of blunt force trauma, a fall, or another high-impact incident. This will usually involve a break of the vertebrae, can be very painful, and possibly lead to complications.
  • Herniated Disc – There are times when something can cause the cushioning between vertebrae to either bulge or rupture, leading to pressure against the nerves. This pressure could cause pain, weakness, and even numbness, depending on the way the nerve is being affected.
  • Sprains, Strains, and Soft Tissue Injuries – The human back is full of different muscles, ligaments, and tendons that play a crucial role in determining the body’s positioning and allowing for movement. Things like over-exertion, twists, slips, and other movements can potentially cause over-extension or sprains in these tissues, causing pain and limitations to one’s mobility.
  • Compression Injuries – Extended periods in a single position, whether sitting or standing, can cause the spine to compress. Even repetitive motion can lead to this issue. Usually, the symptoms of these injuries involve things like chronic pain, tingling sensations, or numbness.
  • Degenerative Conditions – Degenerative disc disease or osteoarthritis can develop from things like poor posture and ergonomics, repetitive movements, and excessive physically demanding work.

How Can I Prevent Mooresville Work-Related Back Injuries?

Prevention of these back injuries may be possible through taking proper precautions. In a physically demanding job, it’s important to loosen up and warm up the body before physical exertion. It’s also critical to lift properly with good form, know your limits, and get assistance from someone else when necessary.

In jobs that involve significant time in one position or repetitive motions, it’s important to get some variety in the day. For instance, if you spend much of your time sitting at a desk, it can be important to get up and go for a walk. If you spend most of the day standing, getting off your feet can be helpful. In most situations, too, some light calisthenics can be helpful in achieving a variety of body positions.

Whether you’re sitting or standing, it’s helpful to focus on proper posture and ergonomics in the way you move and how your workstation is set up. However, there are some injuries that no amount of precaution and preparation can prevent. In those cases, you will likely need medical care and have to miss work. If the back injuries happened at work, then you could be eligible for a workers’ compensation claim.

How Does Workers’ Compensation for Back Injuries Work?

If you get a back injury at work, in most situations, it will be handled through the workers’ compensation process. Most North Carolina employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, with the exception of very small businesses and employees within a few exempt industries, such as domestic work and farm work. If you’re injured, you should report it to your employer soon after you notice the injury. Typically, the injury will need to be reported within 30 days.

Even if the injury was no fault of your employer, workers’ comp covers most injuries that happen on the job. Unless you were intoxicated or not performing your work duties, your injuries will likely be covered.

The benefits under workers’ compensation law cover a number of potential costs related to the injury. Medical benefits are one of the primary elements, as the insurance is required to cover all medical expenses related to the injury. This includes things like medications, doctors’ visits, surgeries, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and other treatments that a doctor believes are necessary for your recovery.

Workers’ compensation is also required to cover your wages. It will not cover your full pay but rather roughly two-thirds of your average weekly wage in most situations, as long as that total is under the state maximum. However, this money is usually exempt from taxation, which often means that a worker’s take-home pay will be roughly the same.

These disability payments usually come in the form of being temporary or permanent, depending on whether the injuries are something you are likely or unlikely to recover from. For instance, a herniated disc will likely be temporary, while a spinal injury could cause permanent paralysis. They also could be categorized as partial or total disability, depending on if the back injuries will allow some work, though not to full capacity, or if they are keeping you from working entirely.

The other thing that workers’ compensation benefits could cover is vocational rehabilitation. If your back injury is serious enough that it will require a change of careers because of the physical nature of your work, things like training and employment services could be covered to help you start a new career. For example, a welder who suffers a back injury may have to seek a job that requires less physical work.

What Can a Workplace Injury Lawyer Do?

Workers’ compensation can be a critical means for employees hurt at work to recover their expenses, particularly with something as potentially serious as a back injury. However, receiving the appropriate compensation can often be difficult to ensure.

Workers’ compensation is paid out by insurance companies that are generally cautious about paying money. Workers’ compensation can often be subject to fraud, so there are a number of measures in place to ensure that the money goes to those who truly qualify.

Unfortunately, the protections against fraud have made the workers’ compensation process complex, with paperwork, forms, documents, and different agencies. Any errors following the procedure can lead to unnecessary delays, and it’s difficult for a layperson to fill out everything correctly.

However, working with a lawyer can help ensure that you follow the process correctly, and they can also help make your case against the insurance lawyers in any hearings or appeals processes that may be necessary. A workers’ compensation lawyer can be essential for getting the compensation you need.

A Mooresville Work-Related Back Injury Lawyer Can Help You Fight for the Compensation You’re Owed

Getting a back injury at work can be a challenging experience. In many cases, you’ll face a long, difficult rehab process to get back into functional condition. You’ll often have trouble working in the same capacity, if at all, and your daily life will be disrupted. When this occurs, the costs associated with the injury are your employer’s responsibility. Seeking compensation for your injuries will typically involve working through North Carolina’s workers’ compensation process.

Unfortunately, this process is far less simple than you might hope and can be difficult to navigate. Any errors could lead to delays and rejections. Even if things are done properly, you may still find yourself needing to appeal a decision.

If you’ve suffered a Mooresville work-related back injury, working with a lawyer who has a firm understanding of North Carolina’s workers’ compensation law could be essential to getting the compensation you’re owed. If you need help seeking compensation after a back injury, M. Reid Acree, Jr., Attorney at Law, is ready to take a look at your case. Contact us to discuss your situation today.