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Concord Foot and Ankle Injury Lawyer

Many injuries can be painful and debilitating, but injuries to the feet and ankles are especially disruptive, making it very difficult for the victim to work and navigate everyday life. When these incidents happen because of the actions of others, victims naturally want to know whether they have grounds for legal action. It’s also possible for foot and ankle injuries to happen at work, prompting complex workers’ compensation claims.

Representing Victims of Foot and Ankle Injuries in Concord, NC

If you or a loved one recently sustained a foot or ankle injury at work or in any incident caused by another party, you have options for legal recourse you must exercise. An experienced Concord foot and ankle injury lawyer is the best resource you can consult in this situation, and it’s vital to take legal action as promptly as possible to ensure the best chance of recovery. M. Reid Acree, Jr. can provide the client-focused and compassionate legal counsel you need no matter what your case entails.

Concord Foot and Ankle Injury Lawyer

Why Do I Need a Concord Foot and Ankle Injury Attorney?

Attempting to navigate any civil case without legal representation would be extremely difficult on your own, especially when you are managing a painful and disruptive foot or ankle injury. Hiring an experienced Concord foot and ankle injury lawyer makes it much easier to meet the demands of your claim with peace of mind. In addition, your legal team can assist you in determining whether you have grounds for legal action in response to your injury and guide you through filing your claim.

M. Reid Acree, Jr. has extensive experience with workers’ compensation cases and personal injury claims for clients in the Concord, NC, area. When a foot or ankle injury occurs at work, the victim may need legal assistance navigating the workers’ compensation claim process. Depending on whether another party caused their injury, they may have grounds for further legal action in the form of a personal injury claim. If a foot or ankle injury happens because of negligence outside of work, the victim likely has grounds to file a personal injury claim against the party or person who is responsible for the injury.

Navigating any civil case successfully requires careful attention to court filing deadlines, close review of all relevant documentation and records, and an understanding of the legal mechanisms in play. A Concord foot and ankle injury attorney can improve their client’s chances of success with their case and help them maximize their recovery.

Workers’ Compensation Claims for Foot and Ankle Injuries in Concord, NC

North Carolina state law requires all employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. If a foot or ankle injury happens at work or while the victim was performing job duties outside the workplace, they have the right to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. If approved, their claim can yield compensation for the medical treatment they require and ongoing disability benefits for lost income during recovery. In most cases, injured workers cannot file civil suits against their employers in response to workplace injuries.

An experienced Concord foot and ankle injury attorney can help their client file a workers’ compensation claim, negotiate with the insurance carrier, and secure a favorable claim determination. Some claimants will have grounds for third-party liability claims against the specific parties responsible for their injuries, and others may have grounds to sue their employers.

Personal Injury Claims for Foot and Ankle Injuries

A personal injury claim can allow the victim of a foot or ankle injury to obtain compensation for their medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering resulting from the defendant’s negligence. Some of the most common causes of personal injury claims pertaining to foot and ankle injuries in Concord include vehicle accidents and slip and fall injuries. It’s also possible for a personal injury claim to arise in conjunction with a workers’ compensation claim for a foot or ankle injury sustained at work.

Succeeding in a personal injury case means that you must identify the person or party responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries, prove the full scope of the resulting damages, and demonstrate how the defendant’s actions caused your damages. In other words, the plaintiff must prove their damages only occurred because of the defendant’s behavior. For example, a personal injury claim can focus on an act of negligence, a failure to exercise reasonable care, or illegal action.

It’s important for anyone intending to file a personal injury claim in North Carolina to understand the state’s law concerning contributory negligence. If the plaintiff in a civil action bears partial fault for causing the damages they seek to claim, they are barred from recovery. Additionally, a workers’ compensation insurance carrier can deny benefits to an employee who caused their own injury because they were working under the influence of drugs or alcohol or any form of egregious negligence. Therefore, if you are concerned that you could bear partial fault in your case, your Concord foot and ankle injury attorney can carefully assess whether contributory negligence could come into play in your proceedings.

Contact a Concord Personal Injury Lawyer for Foot and Ankle Injuries Compensation

If you sustained your foot or ankle injury at work, a workers’ compensation claim can potentially cover your medical expenses and provide a percentage of your lost income while you are unable to work. However, workers’ compensation may not fully cover the damages from a workplace foot or ankle injury, nor can it compensate the victim’s pain and suffering.

When the victim of a foot or ankle injury can pursue a personal injury claim, they can secure a more expansive recovery, including compensation for lost income that workers’ compensation won’t cover as well as non-economic damages for pain and suffering. So, when you select M. Reid Acree, Jr. as your attorney in a foot or ankle injury case, you can expect comprehensive and responsive legal counsel through every stage of your case.

M. Reid Acree, Jr. and his team can provide the flexible and compassionate legal counsel you need when you are struggling in the aftermath of a foot or ankle injury. To discuss your legal options with an expert Concord foot and ankle injury lawyer, contact us today and schedule your consultation with our team.