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Concord Work-Related Back Injuries

Injuries can happen unexpectedly in any workplace, some more debilitating than others. While many victims of workplace accidents are fortunate to make full recoveries and return to work with minimal issues, others are not so lucky and experience a wide range of long-term or permanent medical complications from the injuries they sustain at work. Back injuries are particularly troublesome. They are not only often difficult to treat but can also easily impose a host of adverse medical complications, some of which are likely to interfere with the victim’s ability to work and earn income.

Experienced Legal Representation for Job-Related Claims for Back Injuries in Concord

If you are struggling with a back injury you received at work, a Concord, NC, work injury attorney is an important resource to consult. It’s likely that you are entitled to claim workers’ compensation benefits through your employer, as the law in North Carolina means most employers must have workers’ compensation insurance. However, navigating the filing process can be more challenging than you might expect, and it is important to have legal counsel you can trust on your side if you want to reach optimal results with your recovery efforts.

M. Reid Acree, Jr., can provide the compassionate and detail-oriented legal counsel you want on your side for a complex work injury claim. Back injuries are easily capable of causing a host of problems, some of which can take a long time to be corrected. Whatever your case entails, you can trust our team to guide you through the workers’ compensation insurance filing process and all related legal proceedings as you seek the benefits you are legally owed for your injury.

Qualifying for Workers’ Compensation in Concord

The state enforces rigorous workers’ compensation laws, and most employers need to purchase this insurance. If you suffer a back injury while working, it is very likely that you have the ability to file for workers’ compensation benefits through your employer. To qualify for workers’ compensation in Concord, you must be a nonexempt employee of an employer that must have workers’ compensation insurance, and the injury must have occurred while you were performing your job duties.

Back injuries may occur from vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, falling objects, repetitive stress, and a host of other causes. So long as the injury happened while you were working, you should be covered by your employer’s insurance. The only possible exceptions would be if you caused the injury yourself by intentionally disregarding workplace safety rules or if you were working under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

After any injury at work, the victim should report the incident to their supervisor and seek medical attention. You can be seen by any doctor if you need emergency care, but you should be prepared for a medical evaluation with a workers’ compensation physician as part of the filing process. Your employer can provide a list of local physicians you can visit for your evaluation, during which the doctor will assign a disability rating to indicate the overall severity of your injury. This rating influences how much you can receive in benefits.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits Determinations for a Back Injury

Most injured workers in Concord will qualify for two kinds of compensation for their work-related injuries. First, their employer’s insurance carrier must pay for the medical treatment they need to recover as fully as possible from the injury. When it comes to back injuries, this may include surgeries, rehabilitative treatment, chiropractic care, and more. Second, the claimant can get continued disability benefits for the time they are unable to work and earn income due to the injury.

Disability benefits are paid weekly, and most claimants will qualify for up to 500 payments, but this can vary based on the severity of their injury. When an injured party can still work but cannot earn as much money due to the injury, they are likely to qualify for partial disability benefits. These benefits make up the difference in their income until they are able to return to work at full earning power. If the claimant cannot work at all, they will receive total disability benefits each week, and each payment will be roughly two-thirds of their average weekly wage for the year prior to the injury.

Your Concord work injury attorney can not only assist you with filing your claim for benefits, but they can also ensure that you get a fair benefits determination that accurately reflects your level of disability. Filing a claim for workers’ compensation is similar to filing any other type of insurance claim, meaning the insurance company is likely to look for all reasons they can find to reduce your settlement offer as much as possible or deny your claim. When you have legal counsel you can trust on your side, then the insurance company is more likely to process your claim efficiently and in good faith.

What to Expect From Concord Work Injury Attorneys

There is no requirement to hire a lawyer for your workers’ compensation case in Concord, but it is vital to understand the value of having legal counsel you can trust. Your attorney can ensure that every aspect of the claim filing process is easier to handle and more likely to yield the result you hope to see. When it comes to back injuries from work, these can be especially debilitating and difficult to treat. Many back injuries cause serious adverse effects, and your attorney can ensure you receive appropriate compensation for all the medical care you require to heal as fully as possible.

M. Reid Acree, Jr., has successfully helped many injured workers in Concord and surrounding areas with their workers’ compensation cases. Our team takes time to get to know each client and understand their needs and concerns when it comes to their workplace injuries and the compensation they need to recover. Whatever your case involves, you can trust our firm to guide you to the compensation you deserve after a back injury from work. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation with a Concord work injury attorney and learn more about the legal services we provide.