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Very professional office and staff, a truly wonderful experience.

Daniel Dorsett

Would recommend Mr. Acree.
He helped me understand all “ that lawyer stuff”. Thanks

Jacki G

I call MR. Reid in March of 2023. He did a great job and he took good care of me. He help me understand everything that he was doing. I Appreciate everything his office has done for me.

Emily Porterfield

I would highly recommend!!

Julia Unger

Reid is a very knowledgeable lawyer. Probably one of the best in the business. His staff is always polite and very responsive.

T Smith

Though Mr Acree was unable to help with my situation personally. He took the time to refer me to someone else. Thank you for your time!

Jessica Miller

Mr. Acree is Very professional and respectful. Every time I have hired Mr.Acree the results was as I expected. I would definitely recommend his services you will be treated as if you are more than a client.

Daryl Brown

Mr.Acree was not the first attorney I consulted with but he was the first attorney to make me feel like I was a person and not just a case. Everything he was doing he explained in a way that I could understand. He also kept me updated with everything and never failed to communicate with me when I had questions or he needed me to make a decision. The team he has behind him is just as great as he is, super nice and helpful.

Adi Perez

Reid is an excellent attorney with knowledge and experience. His team (Tina and Courtney) are excellent. Our case was complicated, and Reid kept our best interest in mind at all times. Very satisfied with the outcome. I STRONGLY recommend Reid Acree.

Cassie Sigmon

I strongly recommend Reid Acree on his experience and knowledge of workers compensation laws. Reid and his team (Tina and Courtney) are amazing at what they do. You will never be left unknowing what’s going on at any moment. Reid’s story about the little boy and his father is what encouraged me on him representing me as my attorney. Reid strongly cares about his clients and their families. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome and would recommend him 100%.

Ryan Childers

I would recommend Mr Reed to everyone. He is an excellent lawyer and down to earth and will talk through the issues with you so it can be understood completely. He also has a wonderful staff that is there to help and answer question through the process again I surely do appreciate everything Mr Reed has done for me.

Mark Cook

I would highly recommend Reid Acree for an Injured Workers’ Attorney. He is astute and highly professional. His team (Tina and Courtney) are proficient and the communication is seamless. You are never left waiting or wondering regarding outcomes or next steps. His success is a testament to his strong capabilities. Along with his efficient skill set he is a great human being! Reid takes a compassionate stance with his clients!

Sherri Francis

I am thoroughly satisfied with his services, grateful for his expertise and experience and highly recommend him to anyone in need of a skilled attorney. Thank you, Reid, Tina and Courtney.

Joseph Butler (Joe)

I would highly recommend Reid Acree should you choose him as your Attorney. He has been a God send to me in handling my case. Both he and his team have been constant and consistent in keeping in touch in regard to my case and when I had questions or issues dealing with workers comp.. I can honestly say they made a truly painful physical experience alittle less stressful with their help dealing with workers comp. I definitely was in good hands and appreciate his years of experience, expertise and care. He made sure to take the time to explain the process every step of the way taking time to actually talk to me making sure I felt heard and understood, then worked on my behalf and interest. Should I know anyone needing his service I 100% would give them his name and number as one to call.

Sarah CrumpGatton

Reid Acree is an outstanding lawyer and very personable. The first phone call was us talking for over an hour, after hours, about my options and some of them wouldn’t have needed his assistance. One thing he said was, “if you were my granddaughter, I would tell you to make sure you were covered to get the treatment and care you need”. He fought for me while I had my surgery and I didn’t have to wait for it. I never worried or stressed when he agreed to help me. It’s always a pleasure to hear from him and his wife Tina. If you are researching all of your options I encourage you to read his story on his website. Reid works for the people who need him most, he is a wonderful lawyer with a heart for his clients. Thank you Reid, for being my voice! He passes the grocery store test and it’s not goodbye, it’s I will see you later. 🙂

Ashley Morrissey

Being in business for over 20 years, there have been several occasions where questions about employment law and workers comp have come up. Because of his experience and knowledge, Reid Acree has been the attorney I have gone to every time. He and his staff have always been prompt and comprehensive in understanding each of our situations when we have reached out. They then have worked thoroughly and diligently in providing the best resolution possible. If I were able to give more than five stars, I definitely would! Reid is an awesome attorney, his staff and office are the best of the best and I highly recommend him when the need for his areas of expertise arise!

Traci Williams

I was introduced to Reid Acree through fate. Another attorney was handling my disability case. My attorney became very ill and was unable to see my case through.

He highly recommend Reid to take over. I took his advice. Mr. Acree took my case late in the game, but quickly got up to speed. We talked for several hours on the phone, on different occasions, while he was vacationing with his family at the beach. After a couple of weeks, he was present at my hearing. My disability was approved. I believe this positive outcome was largely due to Reid’s efforts and attention to detail.

Attorneys often get a bad rap. But In the short time I’ve known Reid, I’ve found him to be honest, competent, and compassionate. A good attorney…and a good human.

Lynn Hinson

I was involved in a very bad crash with another vehicle. Diagnosis is a MTBI to the Frontal Lobe which involves more issues functioning on a daily level. My case was involved to say the least. Mr. Acree came highly recommended by another attorney. My wife and I met with him (at our time request).

He immediately recognized my uphill battle as well as my cognitive struggles. Mr. Acree is very knowledgeable about laws and solutions, he doesn’t just spurt out what he thinks, he has the facts to back it up. If he doesn’t, he will research facts then present you with what he feels like is best for your case. He is excellent at what he does. In most cases everyone looks after themselves, this is common but my employer was a municipality and obviously wanted their investment back to work as soon as feasible.

During my treatment and ultimate diagnosis, it was determined my injuries would be long term. This is not what one wants to hear but Mr. Acree still keeps up with my case, although we settled outside the courts. He consistently keeps us informed of my options and even contact us after hours if he feels it would help us. One of the things that makes him different, in a good way, is he still keeps in touch with us to see how we are doing.

My Case stated in 2017 and is still ongoing with treatments, etc…
Mr. Acree is in my opinion, your best option for your case.
He will not lead you down a wrong path.
We have complete confidence in his ability and skill set.

Thank you Mr. Acree..

Marty Ritchie

So pleased with the results of our case.!Highly recommend Atty Acree very knowledgeable in his field. Well done!

Vicki Yabrosky

Reid Acree is a very professional attorney he understood what my issues was and helped me with the advise I needed to get everything resolved. I would highly recommend Reid for legal advise.

Terry Evans

Reid has a remarkable skill set. He is at once extremely smart, yet modest. He is a great communicator, while being a great listener. (Maybe listening is the key) Whether he is the mediator or the advocate, Reid’s priority is to find solutions when there seem to be none. To sum it up, Reid is an A+ professional and an A+ person.

Michael A Swann

Mr. Reid was very patient and professional with my mothers case. I would recommend him to anyone that had a similar case that my mother had to go through. Thanks Mr. Reid!

Marco Piro

Reid and his team are supportive and professional. They have been very helpful with my legal needs. Highly recommend.

Robyn Miller

After becoming disabled on Friday March 13th of 2020 I filed a claim for social security disability myself only to be denied 7 or 8 months later, so I contacted attorney Reid Acree and explained my case to both him and his assistant Tina. After hearing my plea for help Reid agreed to file an appeal on my behalf. Both Reid and Tina worked diligently to make sure they had as much information pertaining to my case as possible. They where very thorough , never rude or snobby to me in any way and if I called seeking information pertaining to my case they where Prompt in returning my calls in the event I didn’t speak to them in person. They filed my appeal for me in January of 2021 and in November of 2021 I was finally awarded social security disability. There is no way I can ever thank this husband and wife team enough for helping me. I am 99.9 percent sure I would have never received my due benefits if it had not been for Reid and Tina filing an appeal for me. I would highly recommend Attorney Reid Acree and his team.

Danny T. Byerly

Reid Acree recently represented me in a civil suit regarding a dispute between a landlord and tenant. I was the landlord. I wanted to treat the tenants fairly and with respect, but realized I was in over my head and needed representation. Mr. Acree immediately understood my wishes and concerns. He was very accessible, professional and had the uncanny ability to break down the relevant issues and explain them to me in laymen’s terms.(As if I were a third grader) Both the tenants and I were able to walk away feeling that justice had prevailed. Reid is whip smart, kind, and personable. Hopefully I won’t be needing the services of an attorney in the future. If I do, Reid will be my guy. He exceeded my expectations.

Suzy Johnston

This is the first time I’ve ever written a review of an attorney on the Internet. I have had the pleasure of consulting Reid Acree about workers comp, disability and public employment issues for over 15 years. In fact, when I was the lead attorney for the North Carolina Association of Educators, Reid was our “go to“ attorney for all things related to Worker’s Comp. and social security disability. He is not only a super expert in these fields, he genuinely cares for each of his clients and is extremely thorough and responsive. Reid demonstrates that an attorney can be both an incredibly skilled and successful advocate, and a down-to-earth and caring human being. Hi recommend Reid wholeheartedly to others.

Tom Stern

As a long-standing practicing attorney in Rowan County, NC, a number of clients have contacted me with a need for a Worker’s Compensation attorney – an area of the law that I do not practice. Several of those people have engaged the legal representation of Reid Acree who in all cases has provided top quality, professional assistance, and achieved great results. Reid has a total command of the complicated worker’s comp realm. I would not hesitate to refer a client, friend or family member to engage Reid’s assistance with their Worker’s Comp claim.

Andy Abramson

Best worker’s Compensation lawyer in the region , very professional, genuinely cares about his clients.

Carlos Molina

Reid is a fantastic workers compensation trial lawyer. Beyond that, and perhaps more importantly, he’s a good person. He cares about his clients and the work he does, and it shows. Reid is a FIERCE adversary and will fight to make sure you receive all of the benefits available under the law, not one cent less.

L. T. Baker

I have known Reid Acree for many years and he has always impressed me with his honesty, integrity and compassion. When working with Reid, he takes the time to ask detailed questions so that he knows exactly what I need. Over the years, I have found his responses, action plans and resources extremely valuable. His team is responsive and a delightful part of the process. I highly recommend Reid Acree!


Reid Acree is a very professional attorney working on a very human level. He skillfully handled an employment law case for me several years ago, and did so with patience, empathy, wisdom and a welcome and much appreciated sense of humor. He was quick to benefit from the contacts that he had developed over the years with attorneys representing school systems. This intelligent collaboration of strategies made for the best possible outcome for me. As a follow-up, he attended a performance at my new school. I am very grateful for his representation.

Beth Wickham

Reid has been a mediator for several of my workers’ compensation clients over the years. He has provided exceptional service from the start with scheduling to the final report of the mediation conference. My practice represents injured workers. Reid understands the particular needs of comp plaintiffs which is a great resource during a mediation conference in assisting injured workers to understand their options with regard to THEIR case. Also, Reid understands the mindset of comp carriers in comp cases and is adept at working with comp defense attorneys in light of carrier perspectives. I highly recommend Reid as a central NC comp mediator for your case (plaintiff or defense).

Daniel Anthony

Reid Acree is not just a lawyer he is more like family by far the best attorney in NC. From the time I met Reid until now he has always been straight forward and fought hard for me during my case. My case has been over for years but Reid and I still stay in contact. He and his wife Tina are truly amazing people and I’ll refer anyone who needs a lawyer to him even if it’s something I know that’s not in his wheelhouse because I know he will try his best to help and point them in the right direction if he can’t. Great lawyer, but even better human being!!!!!!!!

Donnell Alexander

Very professional great people to work with honest and respectful if I ever needed them again that they’re the ones who I will call they pay attention to every detail and attorneys that really try to benefit their clients I would personally recommend them to anybody I have not one complaint it’s been a great experience.

Elliott Vasquez

Reid is an absolute top-notch worker’s comp attorney; genuine, thoughtful, and very experienced.

Mark N. Kerkhoff, Esq.

Reid Acree is a wonderful attorney ! Help me in so many ways after the loss of my husband. He took the time to explain everything so I could understand what was going on.


My personal experience with Reid was awesome, real trustworthy, great person, very professional, great team work. He didn’t got paid a lot for my case, but even though he was great. I recommend him to anyone who wants to have a great lawyer. Blessings.

Wanda Ortiz Roman

I was referred to Mr.Acree and he set up a time to meet to discuss my case. At that first meeting I knew he was a great human by the way he explained my case options and details and possible outcomes. At the end of the meeting he offered and picked up the bill which shocked me. Mr. Acree is. It only the voice and advocate for injured worked he’s one of us. Thank you and I feel blessed to have you in my corner fighting for myself and my families financial future!

Michael Hunter

Reid Acree was the mediator in a case in which I was the attorney for one of the parties. The case involved both a difficult legal situation and emotional discord between the parties (not a family law / divorce case).3 Reid was masterful in calming the angst between the parties and helping them to focus on and to resolve the legal issues … and therefore, their dispute over money.

It’s often said that if both parties to the outcome of legal dispute are dissatIsfied, the final decision must be the right one. In this case, both parties walked away satisfied with the outcome. That’s not normal. But it happened this time and is a real credit to Attorney Acree.

His fee? Fair and reasonable. (Less than I would have charged.)

I recommend Attorney Reid Acree very highly.

David Post Law

Reid is an excellent attorney with tremendous workers’ compensation expertise as well as other civil litigation. Do not hesitate to call.

Luke Largess

I have known Reid Acree for many years as a fellow lawyer in the NC workers’ compensation community. Reid is an expert in occupational disease cases and I often consult him when I handle an “OD” case and want to make sure I am going in the correct direction on it. We collaborated on a case recently involving a child who lost his father in an on-the-job accident, and with Reid’s expert help, we were able to protect the child’s benefits from family members who might misuse his money. Reid is also a fine human being who has a great deal of integrity and compassion. He cares a lot about his clients and wants to make sure he does the best he can for each one. I recommend Reid highly, especially for occupational disease claims.

Bob Bollinger

Reid is a wonderful attorney. I really enjoyed our experience. he is knowledgeable and thorough. I highly recommend him.

David Benson

I associated Reid in a complex occupational disease case. He did an awesome job on an extremely difficult case. I will definitely use him again.

Mark Locklear

Reid is an outstanding attorney with a particularly thorough understanding of occupational disease cases. Top notch attorney.

Kevin Bunn

My law firm primarily specializes in criminal law and family law, so Reid is our “go to” for civil matters and he does an exceptional job. He is compassionate and attentive to his clients and is skillful and knowledgeable in navigating his client’s through difficult times.

Darrin Jordan

Having known Reid for several years and having experience with him as an attorney and mediator, he is exceptional. Reid possesses excellent character and is a highly skilled litigator. He truly cares about his clients and the firm that he has built is known for obtaining excellent results. Highly recommend Reid as a person and his practice.

J. Andrew Fulk

I have worked on cases with Reid for more than fifteen years. He has mediated my clients’ cases and we have worked on cases together. I refer clients to him and he always does a great job for them. I highly recommend him and his firm.

Michael Greer

Mr. Acree provides exceptional and hands on care for his clients. He is timely and operates with sound advice to lead us through the complex layers of the law. I have no reservation in recommending Mr. Acree to anyone considering representation in this part of the state.

Ed Pressly

I am an attorney with 30+ years of practice experience. One area that I do not venture into often is worker’s compensation. But I know Reid does, and he does a fantastic job. I have referred clients to him who have all been very pleased with his services, and I have worked with him on cases where he did the worker’s compensation component and was favorably impressed with his work.

When I refer a client, I do so with care as I see the referral as reflecting on my reputation, and more importantly it determines if my client is going to be taken care of or not. I refer to Reid without hesitation because I know he will take care of them like I would and I have not been disappointed. He always does a super job and makes the clients feel at ease knowing he is working on it and that he cares about their case.

Michael S. Adkins

I’ve worked with Reid on many cases over the years. He’s an outstanding lawyer who works very hard for his clients and achieves great results on their behalf. I highly recommend him.

Christopher Hickey

There is no question that Reid Acree is one of the most experienced lawyers in N.C., especially in the field of Workers’ Compensation and occupational disease claims, an area many lawyers don’t like to tackle because these cases are complicated and require a high degree of experience and expertise.

Leonard Jernigan

Reid’s representation of me in my workers’ compensation case was beyond anything I imagined. I was being mistreated by both the WC insurance company and my company employers. Reid took my calls and addressed my issues immediately whether it be a weekend or 9 PM at night. His cell phone was always on. He is an expert at what he does! Reid negotiated a settlement of 5 times what I expected or is the norm for my injury. If you are in need of a WC attorney, Reid is your man!

Truth be told,

Mr. Mark L.

5 Stars!!

I was quite impressed from the start with Mr. Acree’s level of professionalism while handling my WC case. Throughout the process, he put my mind at ease by explaining things in a clear, personable manner. Truly, I felt my best interest was his main objective. I could not be more pleased with the results he, and his team, produced for me. I believe anyone in the area with a WC claim should give Reid Acree a call.



Attorney Reid:

I would like to thank you very much for representing me in the workers’ compensation injury claim and the extensive work you have done in the reinstatement or modification of workers’ compensation from $400 to $637 weekly. From beginning to end, the professional and extensive work you showed in the final mediation agreement settlement was impeccable. With great patience, you “took me through step-by-step” regarding the case. You may use my name in regard to my comments being made for your website. In the very short time that I’ve known you as a person, you are a man of great integrity. Again, I want to thank you and your staff for the work that was done in representing me.


Robert Bogert, Jr. 

Thank you so much for your representation in this case. You are very efficient and easy to work with. My Dad would be very pleased with the outcome!



Dear Mr. Acree,

Thank you just doesn’t seem enough for all of your efforts and diligence in assisting me in getting my disability and SS! You have stood by me through a very long process. Some people thought I was crazy choosing a lawyer without ever meeting you. I just knew in my heart that it was one of the few great judgments I have made. It was great to finally meet you face-to-face. Thank you so much!


Barb Wood

First of all I would like to thank Mr. Acree for taking my case. He and his staff were always there when I had a question. Whenever the insurance company had something to come up, he took care of it. If I had some kind of paperwork to sign, I would go to his office or he would bring it to my house. He was always calling to see if I was okay. Anything legal, such as legal papers, or his legal services, he was right there for me. I would like to thank Mr. Acree and his staff for helping me through my ordeal.
Mark Farmer

Reid Acree has the most up-to-date legal ability that a lawyer could have and he has the ability to use it well. Reid did care for me and he kept me advised on every move that was made in the case. This care lasted about 2 years and I can say I never noticed a mistake. I was on the witness stand for 3 days and I had the full support of Reid. Reid has outstanding legal abilities.
Franklin Masingo

Reid Acree made an effort to familiarize himself with the details of my case. He seemed to be very knowledgeable about the application of the law to each of those details. He is very personable, easy to talk to, and willing to explain important points of the law in layman’s terms. He seem to have a good understanding of the information in the medical reports that my doctors had provided to him and the legal ramifications of those reports.

I was pleased with the services that were provided to me. Reid was accessible to me either by phone, mail, or in person. He kept me informed about events as they were happening. He was always good about returning my calls when I needed to talk with him. Since I live a distance from his law office, he made every effort to meet with me at my home or some location that was convenient to me. I only had to travel to Charlotte once during the process, and that was because we were meeting with other parties involved in settling my case.

While the outcome of my case is not totally settled at this point, Reid continues to work on those details that need to be completed but are dependent on a third party’s input. I feel confident has represented me honestly, fairly, and to the best of his ability.
Mack Dalton

(Mr. Acree’s note: the case did resolve)