No Attorney Fee Unless You Win


Honey Honey is our calming 6½ – year old labradoodle who loves to come to the office.  She came to live with us when our back-door neighbors gave her to us as a gift.  The neighbors’ small child pulled on Honey’s tail and annoyed Honey.  This resulted in retaliation by Honey going to the bathroom in the child’s bedroom.  Honey loved to escape their yard and come to our house for play time with our dog, Molly Mae.  The family realized that Honey was not the perfect fit for them and she wanted to live with us.  Honey is the sweetest, happiest dog you have ever seen. She recently lost vision in one eye due to acute onset glaucoma. We thought she needed special TLC (as did we) so we brought her into the office. She has been here ever since. She has a calming influence on our clients. When Honey goes home at night, she hangs out with Molly Mae.